Environmental Noise Assessments

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Environmental Noise Assessments

BS 4142 assessments are used in the UK to primarily assess the likelihood of complaints from local residents should a new industrial noise source be introduced into the area. The standard is also often used when developing new residential sites near industry.

PPG 24 (TAN 11 in Wales and PAN 56 in Scotland) assessments are used in the planning process for determining whether proposed residential developments are far enough away from existing major sources of noise, principally transportation and also to ensure that a proposed development involving noisy activities is sited far enough away from existing noise-sensitive developments (i.e. housing, schools and hospitals).

The Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) requires that industrial operations in certain sectors carry out noise assessments and minimise noise emissions through Best Available Techniques (BAT). Each individual noise source should be measured and ordered from the highest to lowest impact. The noise level at the receptor should be calculated. Noise mitigation measures for each source should be considered to minimise noise as far as is reasonably practicable.

Environmental Compliance’s environmental noise specialists can conduct environmental noise assessments to the requirements of BS 4142 and PPG 24, indicating whether noise complaints at the identified noise-sensitive developments are likely.