Ambient Air Monitoring

Ambient Air Monitoring

ECL can supply, install and commission ambient samplers – complete with met stations (wind speed and direction) to provide basic meteorological data, for the monitoring of airborne particulate PM10 & PM2.5, trace organic and trace metals concentrations at agreed boundary positions on your site.

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Our portable samplers are capable of being rapidly deployed for short-term and long-term studies or permanent monitoring.

ECL has the capability to organise maintenance, calibration and the collection of data and samples from these samplers.

Where other pollutants are required such as NO2 , SO2 , O3 and NH3 or organic species, diffusion tubes or passive samplers can be used to provide a value for money alternative. These have the advantage of being small, inconspicuous and negate the need for a power supply or batteries.

Both types of sampler are accurate and provide precision comparable to a continuous monitor at a fraction of the cost.

Using these techniques, large areas can be surveyed simultaneously to identify “contamination hot-spots”.

Whatever your requirement, Environmental Compliance can assist in:

  • Identifying threats to natural ecosystems or population health
  • Informing the public about air quality and raising awareness
  • Determining compliance with national or international standards
  • Providing objective inputs to AQM, traffic and land-use planning
  • Policy development and prioritization of management actions
  • Development/validation of management tools (models, GIS, ADMS, AERMOD )
  • Assessing point or area source impacts
  • Trend qualification, to identify future problems or progress against management/control targets

Experts In Ambient Air Monitoring

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