Environmental Management Systems

Environmental Management Systems

Whether your company requires a bespoke and simple environmental management system or comprehensive environmental management systems for certification to an International Standard and publication of a corporate annual environmental performance report, ECL has the expertise to help your company reach its maximum potential from the entire process.

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What is an Environmental Management System?

Often companies assume a management system is an I.T. system or an excess of procedures and paperwork which won’t benefit the company at all. This is simply not the case if the management system is written and implemented correctly.

So what really is a management system? A management system is a structured way in which an organisation manages aspects of its business in order to achieve its commitments and objectives. These can relate to a number of different topics, including environmental performance, quality, health and safety or defined assets.

All management systems are based on a repeating cycle illustrated below in order to achieve continual improvement.


Environmental Management System

What Is The Benefit of An Environmental Management System?

  • Helps to ensure ongoing compliance
  • Reduces risks – reduce potential for accidents resulting from negligence and ineffective management. This also protects and enhances corporate reputation
  • Reduces costs – for example, a management system would help to achieve more efficient use of energy and water resources. Implementation of an effective Environment Management System (“EMS”) would also reduce Environmental Permit subsistence fees
  • Increases competitive advantage.

How Can ECL Help?

Our Management System Specialists have extensive experience in the development and implementation of a number of management systems tailored to a company’s particular needs.

Whether your company requires a bespoke Environmental Management System (EMS) to ensure Environmental Permit compliance or an EMS to be based on International Standard ISO 14001:2015 to gain certification, ECL can provide the support required.

ECL can provide assistance with the following:

  • The design and production of an Environmental Policy
  • Preparation of a baseline environmental review
  • Environmental aspect identification
  • Preparation of detailed environmental management manual and associated procedures
  • The setting of achievable environmental performance targets
  • On-going EMS implementation support
  • Assistance in preparing for an external audit including undertaking a mock audit

We have prepared and implemented a number of EMS across a range of sectors including waste, metals, animal feed mills and military defence.

ECL also has experience with a number of other management systems, such as Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (BS OHSAS 18001 or the new ISO 45001:2018), Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015) and Asset Management Systems (ISO 5501:2014).

Preparation of an Annual Environmental Performance Report

There is an increasing demand for businesses to publish annual reports to showcase their environmental performance, corporate responsibility case studies and sustainable initiatives. This applies to all sectors, whether in industry, public bodies or non-governmental organisations.

Why Produce an Annual Environmental Performance Report?

It is a professional document which can be used to publicise to all relevant stakeholders the company’s environmental performance and emphasise the commitment to evaluating and reducing environmental impact. Third party verification, such as through the EU Eco-Management Audit Scheme (EMAS), can guarantee transparency and independent credibility.

Why Choose ECL to help?

ECL has experience in the production of Annual Environmental Performance Reports at a corporate level achieving EMAS certification over a number of consecutive years.

We can help a company with:

  • The preparation of the Annual Environmental Performance Report
  • Data analysis required to formulate trends and display in a readable and concise manner
  • Ensuring publication prior to an approaching deadline, such as an end of year conference or year planning and strategy meeting
  • The design and marketing aspect
  • A mock audit to highlight and address any areas for improvement prior to an external EMAS certification audit.

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