Environmental Management Assistance

Environmental Management Assistance

ECL offer a unique Environmental Management Assistance Service. This is a service where one of our experienced and knowledgeable consultants will for all intents and purposes act as your Environmental Manager. We have offered this service to our clients for a number of years and find it an effective solution.

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Some companies are too small to have a dedicated Environmental Manager, yet need some specialist support. Others are looking for assistance with dealing with the Environment Agency (EA), Natural Resources Wales (NRW), the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) or the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) and value the experience that people who deal with them on a daily basis can offer. Others are just looking for maternity or paternity cover, long term sickness cover or just someone to cover whilst a new recruit is being sourced. ECL have the flexibility to cover all these eventualities.

The level of support can vary from just undertaking annual reporting, assisting one day a quarter with reporting requirements, one day a month for ongoing support or a number of days each week. ECL can also assist with the preparation of the various management plans needed for permit condition compliance and subsequent review on an ad-hoc basis.

ECL staff have also assisted companies in-house environmental managers with discharging of pre-operational conditions for new permits and also improvement conditions whether this is just a review of documents prepared in-house or providing additional resource if in-house personnel don’t have the time within their normal day to day work load.

ECL’s Environmental Manager Service offers the following:

  • Regulatory compliance – if you are new to permitting, we can assist with auditing your Environmental Permit and providing a schedule of reporting requirements
  • Management Plans – our consultants have a wealth of experience in the preparation the following management plans which are required as part of some permits
  • Noise Management Plan
  • Dust Management Plan
  • Emissions Management Plan
  • Waste Management Plan or Waste Minimisation Plan
  • Water Management Plan or Water Minimisation Plan
  • Accident management plan
  • Flood Management Plan
  • Odour Management Plan
  • Pest Management Plan
  • Energy Management Plan

ECL can also provide site Visits and audits. As our consultants deal with the various Environmental Agencies – the EA, NRW, SEPA or NIEA – on a daily basis, we can attend site visits/audits from these bodies to provide advice and support for our clients to ensure they are doing enough to be compliant but are not being pushed into requirements which are above and beyond what is required by relevant guidance and legislation. Our consultants will often undertake a pre-audit visit and review the site’s performance in advance of visit from the regulatory authorities to ensure a site is adequately prepared for such visits.

We can also provide Annual/Six-monthly/Quarterly/Monthly reporting requirements. As all permits have some requirement for ongoing reporting to the various Environmental Agencies, ECL can collate the information required and submit to the agencies on behalf of our clients, ensuring that all information is provided in the manner required.

If you are looking to vary your permit, ECL staff can undertake options appraisals and review the planned variation to ensure that the permit remains fit for purpose for the long term operation of a site by future proofing.

We’ll liase with the EA, NRW, SEPA & NIEA. During any negotiations with these bodies, our consultants have the experience to ask the right questions and to “think outside the box” to develop innovative solutions which are acceptable to the EA, NRW, SEPA and NIEA and also are compliant with Best Available Techniques (BAT).

ECL can even provide bespoke Environmental Awareness training.. All permits carry the condition that all staff should be fully conversant with the requirements of the permit. We can provide bespoke training courses on each condition of the permit to explain to staff at all levels – from CEO’s to operatives – their obligations, thus being able to demonstrate to the EA, NRW, SEPA and NIEA a commitment to fully implementing the requirements of the permit. Training can also be provided on Environmental Management Systems.

Our Experts Can Provide Full Environmental Management Assistance

Contact ECL via our Enquiry Form or call us on 01443 841 760 for any queries regarding our wide range of environmental support services such as environmental due diligence, training, environmental management systems and environmental management assistance.